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About Me


- Ex Professional Footballer

- Current competing triathlete (Sprint to Ironman)

- Open Water Swimmer (10km)

- Professional/Elite Sports Coach (Football, Tennis, Triathlon, Cricket)

- Background and variety of professional, competitive and leisurely sport and endurance events

- Extensive knowledge of the movements that most sports present

- Passion for correcting movement patterns to reduce injuries, increase efficiency and longevity in sport and life

- Desire to help athletes increase range of motion (flexibility), torso stability (core strength) and stability

- Desire to improve these factors for performance, efficiency as well as longevity

(e.g.: cyclist increase flexibility means a more comfortable, more efficient aero position. Abdominal strength creates less wobble in the saddle, more stability and efficiency through the pedal to the tarmac. More strength reduces the likelihood of injury, prolonging time in the saddle or career of the cyclist)

- Knowledge of how the sports we love and the daily lifestyles we live compress our bones plus shorten and weaken our muscles. Aim to spread the importance and benefits of the 'softer sessions' to our sporting aspirations

- A focus on the strong psychological benefits from mindful yoga, body awareness and respect, breathwork and meditative value, all relative to sport

- A non-judgmental sporting approach to yoga, we are all on our own journey

- Studied with the guru Sarah Ramsden, Yoga Alliance, Man Utd and Man City


...completely confidential and private...

"Chris makes you feel comfortable with a world I had previous perceptions of. He helps explain how it will help my performance, but to be honest, I'm also just happier I can now play freely with my son on the lounge floor"

"A deliberate approach to all the individuals in our group, who play the same sport but have completely different, bodies, strengths, weaknesses, histories and goals!"  

Image by Anupam Mahapatra

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Contact me if you are intrigued by the benefits of Yoga for your performance, efficiency and longevity.


Sessions at a venue of your choice or at our space in South Somerset


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